A short film by
Vered Rodriguez

Written by
Vered Rodriguez & Kathryn Gould

Julie Shin
Kate Robards

Hollywood Weapons’ Terry Schappert

The Story

An introverted screenwriter on the verge of giving up meets a bubbly actress determined to break her out of her shell and help her meet an influential producer, but just how much “networking” can one introvert take?

The Inspiration

The Introvert Club is a labor of love, born from a chance meeting between two filmmakers at a TV festival in Denver, Colorado, called Seriesfest. Vered Rodriguez is an Israeli-born editor and director and an extrovert who will talk to anyone about anything at any time. Kathryn Gould is a working screenwriter, actor and aspiring show-runner who defiantly wears the introvert label as a badge of honor. The two met at Seriesfest when Kathryn offered Vered a ticket to an event, and Kathryn then tagged along as Vered schmoozed and hobnobbed her way through the festival. The experience gave Vered the idea to make a short film about an introverted writer alone at a festival, awkwardly trying to navigate an excruciating social scene. She asked Kathryn to partner with her to write the script and produce the film. Kathryn brought her experience as an actual, real-life introvert making her way in show business to the project. Wishing to portray introversion as the beneficial personality trait that it is instead of a defect (as it’s often represented), they crafted a story about a young woman on the verge of a big life decision who learns to love who she is and to let her passion give her the strength to overcome the obstacles in her path.

The Team

Kathryn and Vered assembled an exceptional team of professionals and volunteers to make this project a reality.
Meet them all!


Vered Rodriguez: Redefining Comedy with Heartfelt Storytelling

Step into the captivating world of Vered Rodriguez, an innovative filmmaker whose work transcends conventional comedy, delving into the intricacies of human emotion with unparalleled insight and creativity. As the recipient of the Most Original Concept Award at the esteemed Houston Comedy Film Festival, Vered stands at the forefront of a new wave of cinema, reshaping the genre with her unique blend of humor, depth, and authenticity.

Exclusive InterviewJulie Shin talks Introvert Club

New York based actress Julie Shin has been creating a global presence for many years in the world of film and television. The South Korean-Australian actress, who speaks in English and Korean kicked off her career by enrolling in the Playwrights Horizons Theater School for two years as a Tisch undergraduate under the guidance of Jedidiah Schultz.